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19/04/2023(星期三) PM 02:15 to 19/04/2024(星期五) PM 02:15

以色列官員在議會集會上譴責反基督教抗議活動Israeli Officials at Knesset gathering condemn anti-Christian protest

阿利亞-幫助猶太人回歸 Aliyah-Helping Jewish people come home

耶路撒冷副市長 與基督徒站在一起! Fleur Hassan Nahoum Jerusalem Deputy Mayor, Fleur Hassan Nahoum, stands with Christians!

In light of the current Isaiah 62 fast, we are praying with one heart and spirit for the heavenly reign of our King to be upon the land of Israel
Join us from wherever you are, and tag someone in the comments or share this to a friend who is also an intercessor

“The people all responded together, ‘We will do everything the Lord has said.’ So Moses brought their answer back to the Lord." - Exodus 19:8


「百姓都同聲回答:「凡耶和華所說的,我們一定遵行。」摩西就將百姓的話回覆耶和華。」出埃及記 19:8

ICEJ 的海法之家義工採取了一項新行動ICEJ's Haifa Home volunteers took on a new initiative

火舌 Tongues of Fire

Support the ICEJ in helping fund firefighting equipment to Israelis
支持 ICEJ 幫助資助以色列人得到消防設備

ICEJ Webinar Shavuot The Feast of Pentecost

"And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord." Isaiah 66:23
For the last 3 years, the ICEJ has been united with believers across the globe to pray together and seek the Kingdom of God. Thank you for being a part of Rosh Chodesh, we have seen God do incredible work in the nations and in individual lives.
每逢初一、安息日,凡有血肉之軀的必前來,在我面前下拜;這是耶和華說的。 以賽亞書 66:23
在過去的 3 年裡,ICEJ 與全球信徒聯合起來一起祈禱並尋求神的國度。 感謝您成為月朔的一份子,我們已經看到上帝在國家和個人生活中做了奇妙的工作。

Dr.Jürgen Bühler in the United States尤根布勒博士在美國

安息日平安Shabbat Shalom!

Happy Pentecost 五旬節快樂!

邁克比克爾對ICEJ總裁尤根布勒博士的採訪The interview of ICEJ President Dr. Juergen Buehler with Mike Bickle!

領養一片土地,建設未來 Adopt a land, build a future

耶路撒冷雜誌的話-2023年5月/6月版-以色列慶祝其鑽石周年Word from Jerusalem Magazine - May/June 2023 edition - Israel Celebrates its Diamond Anniversary

"Shalom Jerusalem" by the Worship Symphony & Various artists in ICEJ 2022 Feast of Tabernacle conference

衝突和危機推動歸回以色列地激增Conflicts and Crises Driving Surge in Aliyah

安息日平安Shabbat Shalom!

ICEJ總裁尤根布勒博士加入了我們在國家總監 Susan Michael 的美國分部,參加了一系列紀念以色列建國 75 週年的活動 ICEJ President Dr. Juergen Buehler has joined our USA branch under national director Susan Michael for a series of events to mark Israel’s 75th anniversary


耶路撒冷日快樂!Happy Jerusalem Day!

Webinar Series:‘Did Israel Win The Latest Rocket War?’

我們邀請您在接下來的幾天裡為耶路撒冷和整個以色列的平安與平靜祈禱 We ask that you please be praying for peace and calm to prevail in Jerusalem and all across Israel over the next few days

請繼續為以色列祈禱 Continue to pray for Israel

ICEJ為其全球領導人舉辦有影響力的會議 ICEJ hosts impactful conference for its global leaders

A Jew still praises God after rocket attack

Help fund bomb shelters

Israel: The Innovation Nation | 75th Anniversary Special
以色列:創新之國| 75週年特輯

為以色列和雙方的無辜平民祈禱Keep Israel and innocent civilians from both sides in prayers

'領養“基督徒大使館自然公園”的一角Adopt Your Corner of the 'Christian Embassy Nature Park

是時候與以色列同站 Now is the best time to take a stand with Israel

安息日平安Shabbat Shalom!


在無情的火箭彈襲擊中保護以色列人Protect Israelis under relentless rocket attack

網絡研討會:來自各國的消息 Webinar Series: Updates from the nations
Worship video from ICEJ Feast of Tabernacle 2022

以色列加沙2023年5月的戰事Israel Gaza military at May 2023
Worship video from ICEJ Feast of Tabernacle 2022

#WATCHMENALERT: Israel under constant attack! Let’s all join hands in praying for Israel
Consider partnering with us in helping vulnerable communities from terror attacks
守望者注意:以色列不斷受到攻擊! 讓我們攜手為以色列祈禱

Worship video from ICEJ Feast of Tabernacle 2022

ICEJ為以色列的頂級醫療中心之一提供救命設備ICEJ provides life-saving equipment for one of Israel’s top medical centers

ICEJ瑞典分會翻新以色列青年村的「瑞典屋」ICEJ-Sweden renovates ‘Swedish House’ at Israeli Youth Village

安息日平安!Shabbat Shalom!

猶太和阿拉伯藝術家在2022年住棚節上演唱的優美歌曲beautiful song rendition from the Feast of Tabernacles 2022 between Jewish and Arab artists

ICEJ Webinar Series ‘From Jerusalem to the ends of the earth’

Haifa Home residents delight in new experiences!海法大屠殺生還者居民喜歡新的體驗!

ICEJ 贊助來自北方的 Aliyah 航班、研討會和醫療救援 ICEJ sponsors Aliyah flights, seminars and medical rescues from the North

安息日平安 Shabbat Shalom!

你聽說過MOBILEYE嗎?Have you heard of MOBILEYE?

Israel at 75: A Miracle Against the Tide of History

Around 150000 protestors support judicial reforms in Israel

與以色列駐聖彼得堡總領事Uri Resnick博士一起在聖彼得堡舉行的第一個慶祝以色列成立75週年的活動First event in St. Petersburg celebrating Israel's 75th anniversary with Dr. Uri Resnick Consul General of Israel in St. Petersburg

Waze是以色列品牌?!?!??! Waze is an Israeli brand?!?!??!

Israel as a Nation | 75th Anniversary Special
以色列作為一個國家 | 75週年特輯

全球30%以上的滴灌市場都來自以色列⁉️ 30% of the global drip irrigation

以色列「復活」的見證人Witnesses of Israel’s ‘Resurrection’

新生兒穿上藍白相間的嬰兒服Newborns in baby clothes of blue and white

Israel Diamond Anniversary 以色列鑽石週年

ICEJ's Haifa Home team take residents on a day trip ICEJ 的海法之家團隊帶領居民一日遊

@thefijitimes wrote an article about Dr. Buehler’s recent visit to Fiji in the national newspaper!
@thefijitimes 在國家報紙上寫了一篇關於尤根布勒博士最近訪問斐濟的文章

ICEJ VP, Barry Denison, teaches on Passover and Jesus as our Passover Lamb in a conference in Brazil. Praise the Lord!
ICEJ 副總裁巴里·丹尼森 (Barry Denison) 在巴西的一次特會上教導逾越節及耶穌是我們逾越節的羔羊。 讚美主!

hundreds of people marched in the center of Prague with flags of Israel to show solidarity with the Jewish people

What an opportunity for ICEJ President Dr. Buehler to meet with Fiji’s President, Mr. Katonivere
這是 ICEJ 主席布勒博士與斐濟總統卡托尼韋雷先生會面的好機會

ICEJ Fiji branch hosts
ICEJ 斐濟分會在斐濟蘇瓦接待

The ICEJ Haifa Home team together with residents gathered for an intimate Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony

Members of the Board of ICEJ-Honduras, organizing the “Honoring Israel Day Celebration” in October.
ICEJ-洪都拉斯董事會成員組織了 10 月的「尊榮以色列日慶典」

Maria and resident

Passover tensions portend widening of Iran’s ‘Shadow War’ with Israel

A beautiful haircut before the Pesach Holiday!

ICEJ Vice President & Spokesman David Parsons joined Chairman Dror Atari and other senior members of the Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce on Monday for a traditional Passover toast ahead of the Pessach holiday
ICEJ 副總裁兼發言人大衛·帕森斯 (David Parsons) 於週一與耶路撒冷商會主席德羅爾·阿塔里 (Dror Atari) 和其他高級成員一起在逾越節假期前舉行了傳統的逾越節祝酒詞

Members of the Board of ICEJ-Honduras, organizing the “Honoring Israel Day Celebration” ICEJ-洪都拉斯董事會成員組織了 10 月的「尊榮以色列日慶典」

以色列一年一度的大屠殺紀念日 Israel’s annual Holocaust Remebrance Day

ICEJ工作人員週五向迪伊一家在埃夫拉特的家中表示哀悼 ICEJ staff members Nicole Yoder and Jannie Tolhoek paid a condolence on Friday to the home in Efrat of the Dee family

在逾越節假期剪過漂亮的髮!A beautiful haircut before the Pesach Holiday!

ICEJ 副總裁兼發言人與耶路撒冷商會主席德羅爾·阿塔里 (Dror Atari) 和其他高級成員一起舉行了傳統的逾越節祝酒詞ICEJ Vice President & Spokesman joined Chairman Dror Atari and other senior members of the Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce on Monday for a traditional Passover toast