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11/04/2023(星期二) PM 05:15 to 11/04/2024(星期四) PM 05:15

ICEJ工作人員本週末參加了死海馬拉鬆比賽ICEJ staff took part in the Dead Sea marathon on this weekend

ICEJ Envision 2024
Eyewitness from the Nations — Germany
"After witnessing all this, I couldn't help but cry before I could speak to the camera. But I told myself not to cry because it's more important now to speak out on behalf of Israel." Elisabeth Stephan-Bramer
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ICEJ 展望 2024
「目睹這一切後,我在對著鏡頭說話之前忍不住哭了。但我告訴自己不要哭,因為現在更重要的是代表以色列發聲。” 伊麗莎白·史蒂芬·布拉默

有關 Envision 2024 的更多資訊以及在線註冊加入我們的最後機會,請訪問

"Remembering is an important point in Jewish tradition. They remember good things and also bad things so as to learn from history." - Mojmír Kallus, VP of the ICEJ
On the ICEJ Global Prayer Gathering during Hanukkah, Mojmír Kallus gave an inspiring message about the command of REMEMBERING in the Bible.
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Separating Light from Darkness
This series encourages us to be discerning and alert when there is much confusion about Israel and her Biblical destiny, featured every Wednesday and Sunday.

For more inspiring messages, join us on the Global Prayer Gathering at (4pm daily Israel time)
「記住是猶太傳統中的一個重要點。他們會記住好事,也會記住壞事,以便從歷史中吸取教訓」 - Mojmír Kallus,ICEJ 副總裁
在光明節期間舉行的 ICEJ 全球祈禱聚會上,Mojmír Kallus 就聖經中「記住」的吩咐發表了鼓舞人心的信息。



如需更多鼓舞人心的信息,請加入我們的全球祈禱聚會以色列時間每日下午 4 點)

我謹代表耶路撒冷國際基督徒大使館祝您新年快樂On behalf of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, I wish you a very Happy New Year!

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