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11/04/2023(星期二) PM 05:15 to 11/04/2024(星期四) PM 05:15

In light of the current Isaiah 62 fast, we are praying with one heart and spirit for the heavenly reign of our King to be upon the land of Israel
Join us from wherever you are, and tag someone in the comments or share this to a friend who is also an intercessor

“The people all responded together, ‘We will do everything the Lord has said.’ So Moses brought their answer back to the Lord." - Exodus 19:8


「百姓都同聲回答:「凡耶和華所說的,我們一定遵行。」摩西就將百姓的話回覆耶和華。」出埃及記 19:8

Support the ICEJ in helping fund firefighting equipment to Israelis
支持 ICEJ 幫助資助以色列人得到消防設備

ICEJ Webinar Shavuot The Feast of Pentecost

"And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord." Isaiah 66:23
For the last 3 years, the ICEJ has been united with believers across the globe to pray together and seek the Kingdom of God. Thank you for being a part of Rosh Chodesh, we have seen God do incredible work in the nations and in individual lives.
每逢初一、安息日,凡有血肉之軀的必前來,在我面前下拜;這是耶和華說的。 以賽亞書 66:23
在過去的 3 年裡,ICEJ 與全球信徒聯合起來一起祈禱並尋求神的國度。 感謝您成為月朔的一份子,我們已經看到上帝在國家和個人生活中做了奇妙的工作。

"Shalom Jerusalem" by the Worship Symphony & Various artists in ICEJ 2022 Feast of Tabernacle conference

耶路撒冷日快樂!Happy Jerusalem Day!

Webinar Series:‘Did Israel Win The Latest Rocket War?’

A Jew still praises God after rocket attack

Help fund bomb shelters

Israel: The Innovation Nation | 75th Anniversary Special
以色列:創新之國| 75週年特輯

網絡研討會:來自各國的消息 Webinar Series: Updates from the nations
Worship video from ICEJ Feast of Tabernacle 2022

以色列加沙2023年5月的戰事Israel Gaza military at May 2023
Worship video from ICEJ Feast of Tabernacle 2022

#WATCHMENALERT: Israel under constant attack! Let’s all join hands in praying for Israel
Consider partnering with us in helping vulnerable communities from terror attacks
守望者注意:以色列不斷受到攻擊! 讓我們攜手為以色列祈禱

Israel at 75: A Miracle Against the Tide of History

Around 150000 protestors support judicial reforms in Israel

Israel as a Nation | 75th Anniversary Special 以色列作為一個國家 | 75週年特輯