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11/04/2023(星期二) PM 05:15 to 11/04/2024(星期四) PM 05:15

David Parsons shared about Feast of Tabernacles

關於上帝的亮光Insight about God

住棚節慶典動態2 What is the news at the Feast part2

住棚節慶典有什麼新消息第一部分"What's new at the Feast" part 1

Craig邀請您參與住棚節 Craig invites you to join the Feast

ICEJ網絡研討會:以色列與基督徒關係是否陷入危機?ICEJ Webinar:Are Israel-Christian Relations in Crisis?'

一起為以色列禱告Pray for Israel together

Billy Wilson 博士邀請您參加 ICEJ住棚節慶典
Dr Billy Wilson invites you to join the ICEJ Feast of Tabernacle

來自科特迪瓦的敬拜者在住棚節慶典帶領敬拜Worship lead by the worshippers from Ivory Coast at the Feast of Tabernacles

挪威北方的敬拜 NORTHWORSHIP from Norway

與我們一起禱告Pray with us

心與天國和諧 - SOLU Israel 在 2022 年住棚節慶典敬拜詩歌,以色列加利利
Harmonizing Hearts and Heavens - SOLU Israel worshipping at the Feast of Tabernacles 2022, Galillee, Israel

與我們一起為以色列禱告!Pray with us for Israel!

特雷弗·桑普森 (Trevor Sampson) 在加利利之夜開幕式上演唱了南非傳統歌曲。
Traditional South African song by Trevor Sampson at the opening Night in Galilee.

Catch Sounds of the Nations LIVE at the Feast of Tabernacles this September

今年九月的住棚節慶典現場觀看SOLU Israel 現場表演
Catch SOLU Israel LIVE at the Feast of Tabernacles this September

ICEJ Norway recently hosted IDF (Res) Brig. Gen/ Amir Avivi of the Israel Defense and Security Forum on a speaking tour in Norway, and here's a recent video of him walking about the secret to his brigade’s success in Operation Defensive Shield from 2002-2005 during the Second Palestinian Intifada. You will be surprised that it was not the training or equipment but the added motivation of his troops created simply by taking them to the heart of Jerusalem.
ICEJ 挪威最近主辦了 IDF (Res) Brig。 以色列國防與安全論壇的阿米爾·阿維維(Amir Avivi) 將軍在挪威進行巡迴演講,這裡有一段最近的視頻,視頻中他講述了他的軍旅在2002年至2005 年第二次巴勒斯坦人起義期間的防禦盾牌行動中取得成功的秘密。您會驚訝地發現,這不是訓練或裝備,而是他的部隊透過將他們帶到耶路撒冷市中心而產生的額外動力。

Sarah Way(ICEJ 澳洲)和 Mikaele Mudreilagi(ICEJ 斐濟)在不同的演講活動中合作Sarah Way (ICEJ Australia) and Mikaele Mudreilagi (ICEJ Fiji) team up in different speaking engagements talking about the work of ICEJ across Australia.

Catch Joshua Aaron LIVE at the Feast of Tabernacles this September
在今年九月的住棚節現場觀看約書亞·亞倫 (Joshua Aaron)

The Feast brings you to the Negev
Show your support for Israel and join the Feast of Tabernacles this September! Details on the website:
表達您對以色列的支持並參加今年九月的住棚節慶典! 詳情請瀏覽網站

還有50天就到住棚節50 days until Feast of Tabernacle

Watch this CBN report where ICEJ Vice President and Senior Spokesman David Parsons was recently interviewed about the increasing harassment of Christians by Jews in Israel.
請觀看 CBN 的這篇報導,其中 ICEJ 副總裁兼高級發言人大衛柏森斯最近接受了有關以色列極端猶太教猶太人對基督徒日益增加的騷擾的採訪。

Pray with us for the Christian ministries around Israel
Join our prayer community

Don't miss out on the appointed Feast in Israel!

Did you know that the first ICEJ Aliyah flight came from Budapest?
您知道ICEJ Aliyah 的首個航班來自布達佩斯嗎?

The Feast brings you to the streets of Jerusalem

住棚節慶典將帶您到訪耶路撒冷的花園塚 The Feast brings you to the Garden Tomb, Jerusalem

The Feast brings you to the Pais Arena, Jerusalem
住棚節慶典將帶您前往耶路撒冷 Pais Arena

A Future and A Hope: "A Doctor's Dream" Episode

何等榮美的名字開首樂 - 來自挪威加利利的 Filadelfia Lovsang
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NAME Cover - Filadelfia Lovsang from Norway in Galilee

ICEJ 網絡研討會以色列北部邊境有多熱
ICEJ Webinar Just How Hot is Israel’s Northern Border

住棚節慶典Feast of Taberacle

住棚節慶典帶您前往加利利The Feast brings you to Galilee

Here are worship artists Elihana Elia and Dorothy Bedford singing with the accompaniment of Worship Symphony live at the Feast of Tabernacles 2022 last year at the Pais Arena, Jerusalem.
去年,在耶路撒冷 Pais Arena舉行的 2022 年住棚節慶典上,敬拜藝術家 Elihana Elia 和 Dorothy Bedford 在敬拜交響樂的伴奏下現場頌唱。

Tune in for PART 2 and final episode of the Special Feast Update Webinar.
請收看特別住棚節慶典更新網絡研討會的第 2 部分和最後一集。

美國與加拿大 - 住棚節慶典
America and Canada - Feast of Tabernacle

亞洲 - 住棚節慶典
Asia - Feast of Tabernacle

In this year’s Feast of Tabernacles, ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler, talks about the theme taken from the book of Psalms - King of all the earth
Join us in the final episode, where we look at God as the Most High Priest - Who atones for every sin and cleanses us from all unrighteousness. The 'Malchitzedek' Who acts as the Servant King, the ultimate sacrifice the world needed, and the One Who cares about our relationship to the God of the universe

Celebrate the Feast with us this September 29 to October 6 in Israel! More info at
第 5 集:君王作為大祭司
在今年的住棚節中,ICEJ 主席尤根布勒博士談論了取自《詩篇》的主題 - 全地之王
觀看我們的最後一集,我們將上帝視為至高祭司 - 祂救贖,除罪並洗淨我們所有的不義。 “Malchitzedek”充當僕人之王,世界需要的終極犧牲,也是關心我們與神的關係的人
今年 9 月 29 日至 10 月 6 日在以色列與我們一起慶祝住棚節慶典!

Watch this worship by SOLU Israel: Beveitcha (At Your Home) from the ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles Gallilee | 2022
觀看 SOLU Israel 的敬拜:來自 ICEJ 加利利住棚節的 Beveitcha(在您家裡)| 2022年

大洋洲 - 住棚節慶典
Oceanic - Feast of Tabernacle


In this year’s Feast of Tabernacles, ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler, talks about the theme taken from the book of Psalms - King of all the earth
Join us in episode three, as we study God’s role as the King of the Armies
Celebrate the Feast with us this September 29 to October 6 in Israel! More info at
在今年的住棚節中,ICEJ 主席尤根布勒博士談論了取自《詩篇》的主題 - 全地之王
今年 9 月 29 日至 10 月 6 日在以色列與我們一起慶祝住棚節慶典!

ICEJ Slovakia and ICEJ Czech Republic team up to commemorate the Vrba Wetzler Memorial, and will begin their march today from Auschwitz to Zilina with about 30 people from around the world. Here's Peter Svec from ICEJ Slovakia giving us a live report. Praise the Lord!
ICEJ 斯洛伐克分會和 ICEJ 捷克共和國分會聯手紀念弗爾巴·韋茨勒紀念碑,並將於今天與來自世界各地的約 30 人一起開始從奧斯威辛到日利納的遊行。 來自 ICEJ 斯洛伐克分會的 Peter Svec 為我們帶來了現場報導。 讚美主!

In this year’s Feast of Tabernacles, ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler, talks about the theme taken from the book of Psalms - King of all the earth

Join us in episode two, as we look into how our great God can also be a personal intimate God Who looks at and cares for all of your needs - from the smallest to the biggest of detail

Celebrate the Feast with us this September 29 to October 6 in Israel! More info at

第 2 集:滿足您的所有需要的王
在今年的住棚節中,ICEJ總裁尤根布勒博士談論了取自《詩篇》的主題 - 全地之王
觀看我們的第二集,我們將探討我們偉大的上帝如何成為一位個人親密的上帝,祂關注並照顧您所有的需要- 從最小的細節到最大的細節

今年 9 月 29 日至 10 月 6 日在以色列與我們一起慶祝慶典! 更多信息請瀏覽

Feast of Tabernacle - Europe

Yesterday, 12 July 2023, the ICEJ welcomed new Ethiopian olim step foot in their homeland - Israel for the very first time! Some of these immigrants have been separated from their families for 2 decades or more, and have now returned back home to reunite with their loved ones. Thank you for partnering with us in helping fund their way home. Consider being part of this prophetic act unfold in Israel, go to
The ICEJ is a non-profit organization based in Israel. We rely on donations to keep our videos and content free to millions of people around the world. Consider partnering with us today:

昨天,即 2023 年 7 月 12 日,ICEJ 迎來了埃塞俄比猶太新移民 (olim) 首次踏足他們的祖國 - 以色列! 其中一些移民已經與家人分離了20年或更長時間,現在已經回到家鄉與親人團聚。 感謝您與我們合作,為他們的回家之路提供奉獻。 考慮成為以色列發生的這一預言性行動的一部分,請訪問


Ethiopian Olim Arrive back to their homeland

Here's Rev. Malcolm Hedding and Peter Tsukahira's messages about Israel at the ICEJ Finland conference last month. Be blessed!
以下是 馬爾金海錠牧師和彼得塚平牧師在上個月的 ICEJ 芬蘭會議上關於以色列的信息。祝福您!

Peter Tsukahira-ICEJUK-Kingdom

住在 ICEJ 海法之家的大屠殺生還者在海灘上度過了一個輕鬆的夜晚The Holocaust Survivors residing in ICEJ's Haifa Home enjoyed a relaxing evening on the beach

Feast of Tabernacle Africa team

ICEJ Summer Conference 27th May 2023 - Teaching
ICEJ 夏季特會 2023 年 5 月 27 日 - 教導

Did you miss Gilmar Britto's worship rendition of "O Filho do Homem (Son of Man)" at the Feast last year?
您是否錯過了去年住棚節慶典上吉爾瑪·布里托 (Gilmar Britto) 的敬拜表演《O Filho do Homem(人子)》?


In this year’s Feast of Tabernacles, ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler, talks about the theme taken from the book of Psalms - King of all the earth

Join us in episode one, as we dive deeper into the character of our God being the King who rules and reigns over all of creation.

Celebrate the Feast with us this September 29 to October 6 in Israel! More info at

在今年的住棚節中,ICEJ 主席 Jürgen Bühler 博士談論了取自《詩篇》的主題 - 全地之王
今年 9 月 29 日至 10 月 6 日在以色列與我們一起慶祝盛宴!

Can’t travel to Israel this year for the Feast of Tabernacles? We’ll bring the festive experience to your home!

Take your Feast of Tabernacles celebration to another level and place your orders today for a physical sukkah tent delivered from Israel all the way to where you are!
Orders close July 31 or until supplies last Free shipping and made from Israeli materials click the link here:
今年無法前往以色列參加住棚節嗎? 我們將把節日體驗帶回家!
訂單將於 7 月 31 日截止或售完為止 免費送貨,由以色列材料製成

Are you praying for RAIN to pour unto your nation this year?
Come join us at the Feast and represent your country in Israel!


Gadol Elohai | How Great is our God by Joshua Aaron
我神真偉大 | 我們的神多麼偉大 約書亞·亞倫

Join our webinar on Thursday for an insightful Bible teaching: The Apostles' Teaching on Giving to Israel! Featuring ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler.
參與我們星期四的網絡研討會,了解富有洞察力的聖經教導:給予以色列的使徒性教導! ICEJ總裁尤根布勒博士分享。

ICEJ 澳洲分會主任 Sarah Way 及其團隊和董事會成員正在澳洲參加由 Albert Veksler 舉辦的耶路撒冷祈禱早餐會。祝福您!
ICEJ Australia National Director Sarah Way, along with its team and board members, are attending the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast run by Albert Veksler in Australia. Be blessed!

人子 - O Filho do homem - 滿有能力的敬拜- The Son of man - O Filho do homem - powerful worship

Join our webinar on Thursday for an informative Bible teaching: Israel at 75 - Witnesses of the Resurrection! Hosted by ICEJ Vice President & Senior Spokesman David Parsons.
參加星期四的ICEJ網絡研討會,了解內容豐富的聖經教導:以色列 75 歲 - 復活的見證人! 由 ICEJ 副總裁兼高級發言人大衛柏森斯主持。

ELÄMÄ VOITTAA (Victory of Life) | Worship by Saila & Lasse Heikkilä
Check out this amazing worship video from the last Feast of Tabernacles 2022!
Have a blessed day!

Join our webinar this Thursday for an interesting discussion: Energy, Politics, Security - a Middle East Status Update. Hosted by ICEJ Vice President of Operations Barry Denison with special Israeli guest Nir T Boms, researcher at the Moshe Dayan Center, Tel Aviv University.
For translation in French | Spanish | Portuguese | Thai go to :
參加本週四的網絡研討會,進行有趣的討論:能源、政治、安全——中東現狀更新。 由 ICEJ 副總裁 Barry Denison 和以色列特邀嘉賓、特拉維夫大學 Moshe Dayan 中心研究員 Nir T Boms 共同主持。
法語翻譯 | 西班牙語 | 葡萄牙語 | 泰語訪問

安息日平安!Shabbat Shalom!

100 days left until the ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles 2023! 距離 ICEJ 2023 年住棚節還剩 100 天!
Have you registered yet? Join thousands of pilgrims from around the world in celebrating Sukkot with us from September 29 to October 6, 2023 straight from Israel! Click here to join:
距離 ICEJ 2023 年住棚節還剩 100 天!你註冊了嗎? 2023 年 9 月 29 日至 10 月 6 日,從以色列直接與來自世界各地的數千名朝聖者一起慶祝住棚節!

今年 2023 年 9 月在以色列與列國一起參加住棚節!

Vetu de Gloire (Clothed in Glory) Worship from the Ivory Coast
Check out this amazing worship video from the last Feast of Tabernacles 2022!
Have a blessed day!
來自海牙的 Vetu de Gloire(身著榮耀)敬拜
看看 2022 年住棚節慶典的這個美妙的敬拜視頻!

We are blessed to have a rain in Jerusalem during the dry season. Not happening that often.
我們能在乾旱季節看見耶路撒冷下雨是蒙福的。 不是經常發生.

"Forever You Are God"
Listen this beautiful worship song by Kedesch (Ivory Coast), from the Feast of Tabernacles 2022
聆聽 2022 年住棚節慶典中 Kedesch創作的這首優美的敬拜歌曲

ICEJ 網絡研討會:關於以色列和挪亞時代的聖經和預言教導
ICEJ webinar : Biblical and Prophetic Teaching on Israel and the Days of Noah

ICEJ網絡研討會:月朔的意義 ICEJ Webinar: The Meaning of Rosh Chodesh

In light of the current Isaiah 62 fast, we are praying with one heart and spirit for the heavenly reign of our King to be upon the land of Israel
Join us from wherever you are, and tag someone in the comments or share this to a friend who is also an intercessor

“The people all responded together, ‘We will do everything the Lord has said.’ So Moses brought their answer back to the Lord." - Exodus 19:8


「百姓都同聲回答:「凡耶和華所說的,我們一定遵行。」摩西就將百姓的話回覆耶和華。」出埃及記 19:8

Support the ICEJ in helping fund firefighting equipment to Israelis
支持 ICEJ 幫助資助以色列人得到消防設備

ICEJ Webinar Shavuot The Feast of Pentecost

"And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord." Isaiah 66:23
For the last 3 years, the ICEJ has been united with believers across the globe to pray together and seek the Kingdom of God. Thank you for being a part of Rosh Chodesh, we have seen God do incredible work in the nations and in individual lives.
每逢初一、安息日,凡有血肉之軀的必前來,在我面前下拜;這是耶和華說的。 以賽亞書 66:23
在過去的 3 年裡,ICEJ 與全球信徒聯合起來一起祈禱並尋求神的國度。 感謝您成為月朔的一份子,我們已經看到上帝在國家和個人生活中做了奇妙的工作。

"Shalom Jerusalem" by the Worship Symphony & Various artists in ICEJ 2022 Feast of Tabernacle conference

耶路撒冷日快樂!Happy Jerusalem Day!

Webinar Series:‘Did Israel Win The Latest Rocket War?’

A Jew still praises God after rocket attack

Help fund bomb shelters

Israel: The Innovation Nation | 75th Anniversary Special
以色列:創新之國| 75週年特輯

網絡研討會:來自各國的消息 Webinar Series: Updates from the nations
Worship video from ICEJ Feast of Tabernacle 2022

以色列加沙2023年5月的戰事Israel Gaza military at May 2023
Worship video from ICEJ Feast of Tabernacle 2022

#WATCHMENALERT: Israel under constant attack! Let’s all join hands in praying for Israel
Consider partnering with us in helping vulnerable communities from terror attacks
守望者注意:以色列不斷受到攻擊! 讓我們攜手為以色列祈禱

Israel at 75: A Miracle Against the Tide of History

Around 150000 protestors support judicial reforms in Israel

Israel as a Nation | 75th Anniversary Special 以色列作為一個國家 | 75週年特輯